Prof. Deepak Dhar, Distinguished Visiting Professor and NASI-Senior Scientist in the Physics department at  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune , has been selected to receive the prestigious Boltzmann Medal for 2022.
The Boltzmann Medal is given every three years by the C3 Commission on Statistical Physics of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) at the Statphys Conference.

“Scientists are like children playing on the sea shore. They look for pebbles and for nice sea shells. Some of them manage to find better sea shells than others. And that is how I feel. Maybe I was lucky to have found some nice problems to work on in my research”, he said, with an unmistakable humility, to a spontaneous applause from the gathering.

Prof. Deepak Dhar

Prof. Dhar was conferred “For his seminal contributions to several areas of statistical physics, including exact solutions of self-organized criticality models, interfacial growth, universal long-time relaxation in disordered magnetic systems, exact solutions in percolation and cluster counting problems  and definition of the spectral dimension of fractals.
John J. Hopfield along with Dhar was chosen for Boltzmann medalFor extending the boundaries of statistical physics to encompass the phenomena of life, from kinetic proofreading in the transmission of information at the molecular level to the dynamics of neural networks creating a new language for thinking about computation in the brain.

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