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14th India Japan Annual Summit was held on19 March 2022 at New Delhi. On his first bilateral trip since taking office, Prime Minister of Japan H.E. Mr. Kishida Fumio emphasized the importance of realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” and work hand in hand to make the next Quad Leaders.The previous India-Japan Annual Summit took place in Tokyo in October 2018.

Japan will invest 3.2 lakh ($42 billion, 5 million yen) crore rupees in India in upcoming 5 years.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is an outrage that undermines the very foundation of the order of the international community, including Asia.

Prime Minister of Japan H.E. Mr. Kishida Fumio

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made no direct reference to the situation in Ukraine PM Modi remarked that the economic ties between India and Japan are getting more robust. Japan is among the top investors in India. Based on the trend of the last few years, we are aiming to reach an investment target of 5 trillion Yen in the coming 5 years. This will bring great economic opportunities.

Prime Minister of Japan H.E. Mr. Kishida Fumio said that “With Prime Minister Modi of India, I plan to confirm our intention to work towards the success of the Quad summit meeting among the leaders of Japan, India, Australia, and the United States to be held in Tokyo within the next few months, as well as our cooperation”

Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corporation plans to invest USD 1.26 billion for manufacturing electric vehicles and batteries in India.

India-Japan are working as ‘One team- One project’ on Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail corridor: PM Modi

India & Japan Exchange Six MOU

India and Japan signed agreements on

  • Waste Water management
  • Clean Energy Partnership
  • Cyber Security
  • Water Supply
  • Sewage
  • Information Sharing and Cooperation

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