As a result of Human Rights violations in Ukraine’s Bucha region, the UN General Assembly in its 49th regular session of the Human Rights Council suspended Russia.

United States of America proposed the resolution titled ‘Suspension of the rights of membership of the Russian Federation in the Human Rights Council’ in the 193 member assembly, in which 94 voted in for the suspension, while 24 voted against it. 58 members, including India abstained from voting.

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Vietnam, were among those who voted against.
India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia were among the countries that abstained from voting.

After Libya was suspended from UN HRC in 2011, this is only the second time that a member is suspended.

The UN Human Rights Council consists of 47 members and is based in Geneva.

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