In a series of dramatic events, the National Assembly of Pakistan voted against Prime Minister Imran Khan. He becomes the first ever PM of Pakistan to be removed by a no confidence motion.

In an assembly of 342 members the motion of no confidence was passed with a majority of 174. The voting in the assembly was held a few minutes past midnight.

Pakistan’s National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri resigned on the night of 9 April 2022 when no confidence motion was to take place as per the orders of the Pakistan Supreme Court.

It was reported that the members of Pakistan TehreekeInsaf (PTI) party and Opposition parties under Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan Muslim League-N clashed in front of the assembly. Shehbaz was the Chief Minister of Punjab for three terms till 2018.

An emergency cabinet meeting was hosted by the Prime Minister just before the voting, in which Imran decided not to resign.

Pakistan Muslim League-N’s Ayaz Sadiq was nominated by the speaker as the chair of the session after the midnight.

“Today, Pakistan is standing at a historic juncture and the people need to decide whether they want to live in an independent state or become slaves

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Quresh
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