Emmanuel Macron is reelected as the French President for next five years. Macron defeated Marine Le Pen with a 55.8% share of votes, Le Pen secured 41.45% of votes. In the elections in 2017, Macron secured 66% of votes against the 34% of Le Pen. Since Charles de Gaulle in 1965, the French have not re­elected a president who has a majority in the assembly. La République En Marche is the political party founded by Macron in 2016. Ideologically, Macron is a centrist while his opponent Le Pen is far rightist, who represent the political party National Rally. The victory of Macron is a great relief to the pro European communities across the continent, especially in the backdrop of on going War in Ukraine.

“Our country is riddled with so many doubts, so many divisions. We will have to be strong, but nobody will be left by the side of the road.”

Mr Macron after winning the Presidential Elections 2022

France is the largest European Union country by area. The population of France is about 63.5 million, i.e. 6.35 crores. The consitution of France also known as the Constitution of the Fifth Republic or ‘de Gaulle’s Republic’, endorses the doctrine of mixed government.

French parliament is bicameral legislature, the lower house is called the National Assembly and the upper house the Senate.

A Fifth Republic President with a majority has extensive power, but that power is an extra-constitutional growth. When the President holds this high ground they can intervene and determine any aspect of
policy; there is no constitutional basis for a foreign policy and defence presidential ‘reserved domain’ , and powerful Presidents will extend their remit as they see fit.

Presidents of the French Fifth Republic

Charles de Gaulle 1958–69
Georges Pompidou 1969–74
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing 1974–81
François Mitterrand 1981–95
Jacques Chirac 1995–2007
Nicolas Sarkozy 2007–12
François Hollande 2012–2017
Emmanuel Macron 2017 onwards.

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