Inspite of all the rhetorics, it has to be admitted that Russia had widely succeeded in preventing the expansion of NATO in eastern Europe. Moreover, the War in Ukraine, was between Russia and Ukraine and the world all round was eagerly watching how much Russia had advanced. Nothing had given results. Ukraine was left to save herself with a bare minimum support. Is there a lesson that has to be learnt in the nuclear world? When you are in danger you are all alone. Finland and Sweden will be playing with fire, in case they think of being a part of NATO. “Russia is not the neighbour we thought it was.” remarked Sanna Marin, the 35 year old Finland’s prime minister. In other words, Finlandization of Finland is going to be a myth.

Sanna Marin
Prime Minister of Finland

Once upon a time, Soviet Union had burnt its fingers while messing up with Finland. Known as the winter war of 1939-40, Soviet troops had suffered severe losses, although Finland had to give up her territories in the Moscow Peace Treaty of 1940. Now, the World is nuclear and Russia is not USSR and Putin is neither Stalin.

In the battle field, the help, the arms, the ammunitions, the sanctions and the verbal support Ukraine has received made her withstand the aggression for nearly two months. But this has reversed all the calculations the west had made. While bringing out the balance sheets of the war, the damage that the war has caused to the Earth and its beings needs to be quantified. Would it be a numerable figure?

While speaking about the Universal Rights for people, refugees are not welcome anywhere, in a broader sense including the Europe. Some of the European countries are working hard to find out mechanisms through which the refugees are sent out. This is what is happening and happened with the Syrian ‘Civil’ War also.

Among the major achievements that COP26 had brought, Global Methane Pledge is a very important and significant achievement. As mentioned in the Pledge “Methane is a powerful but short-lived climate pollutant that accounts for about half of the net rise in global average temperature since the pre-industrial era”. EU along with US had led this pledge. 2030 is not too far away. 17.7% of the humanbeings in the world are Indians. European Union contributes to about 9.08% of world population. The European Union have been responsible for approximately 18 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions produced since the industrial revolution began. India’s share in the global carbon dioxide emissions in 7.09%.

The 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the UNFCCC will take place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 7th to 18th, 2022.

2019 Revision of World Population Prospects

The European leaders can bring about some major changes in the way they thought the world would be. The reaction of looking down towards sects of various culture would bring about disasters, in some case irrepairable ones. The way post cold war Russia was treated can be a very classical realistic example. The message that the Europe needs to ponder about is that the idea of world policing is a history. The nationalities must be taught to keep themselves restrained for the common good. After all, the earth belongs to the plants, trees, micro-orgranisms, forests, the wilds and we are just one among them. Who has given us the right to destroy their homes?

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