Union Minister for Defence Rajnath Singh announced the “Agnipath” scheme for recruitment of youth in the armed forces for four years. Candidates inducted through this scheme will be called Agniveers.

Agnipath scheme for recruitment into armed forces in India, announced recently, will appoint ‘Agniveers’ for a period of four years. According to the announcement, all sailors/soldiers/airmen will be appointed only through Agnipath scheme. All citizens within the age group of 17.5 to 21 years, as there was no recruitment for the last two years as one time waiver for 2022, the upper age limit has been increased to 23 . Candidates will be selected on merit basis pan India. Selected candidates will serve the forces as Agniveers for four years. After four years, 25% of Agniveers will be inducted to the armed forces.

Emoluments: An Agniveer will receive a composite monthly package of ₹30,000.
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About 75% of the Agniveers will be demobilised after four years of service. Upto 25% of the Aginveers would be selected for enrolment in the permanent Cadre as per the existing Terms and Conditions. Selection of Agniveers for further enrolment into the Armed Forces will be the exclusive.

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